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Walking with Purpose is a Catholic Bible study for women that aims to bring women to a deeper personal relationship with Christ. Through personal study and small group discussions, the group helps to link our everyday challenges with solutions given to us through the teachings of Christ and the Catholic Church.

Are you interested in getting together with other women to explore your faith?

You may or may not have knowledge of Scripture. If you would like to discover and/or deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ God as well as explore how the Scriptures apply to your everyday life, this is the program for you.

All women are invited to join Walking with Purpose at The Parish of Saint Mary.

The 2017-2018 program will meet weekly September 2017 through April 2018. Babysitting is available.

Two Programs will run simultaneously - offerings for the upcoming 2017-2018 year:

Opening Your Heart  This 22-week foundational course is designed for women new to WWP as well as those with more Bible study experience. Explore the Holy Spirit, the Eucharist, your friendship with Christ, forgiveness, prayer, suffering and dealing with life’s challenges with following Jesus more closely.

Touching the Divine This 22- week course designed to help you get to know Jesus more intimately, reflect on Christ’s personality through the Gospel of John. Grow in your understanding of what it means to be God’s beloved daughter.


The two programs Opening Your Heart and Touching the Divine begin on Thursday, September 28,12:30-2 pm or 7:30-9 pm.



Further information on the Walking with Purpose Bible Studies


walkingwithpurpose/bible-studies for more information. We hope to see you at Walking with Purpose this fall!
Introductory Video

Informational Tri-fold

Once a month, WWP sponsors a Coffee Connect when lunch is served and participants are encouraged to bring friends.


Fall Schedule -

 WWP OYH book cover

Opening Your Heart: The Starting Point - Fall 2017

Opening Your Heart: The Starting Point is our foundation Bible study, and we recommend all participants new to Walking with Purpose begin here, regardless of previous experience with Bible study. We encourage everyone to experience Opening Your Heart because we believe this Bible study is an incredibly effective guide to deep, lasting transformation of the heart. Join us as we take a deeper dive into the core questions that we need to wrestle with if we want to experience all that God has for us.




 TTD guide largeTouching the Divine - Fall 2017

 Touching the Divine draws us into a deeper relationship with Jesus as we reflect on Christ’s personality. Knowing Him more intimately will increase our love for Him. St. John referred to himself as “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” As we study, John will teach us how much Christ loves us and how His love is the true satisfaction of our souls.





 Materials Needed:

All participants in the scripture study program are asked to purchase needed materials on the Walking With Purpose Website. Workbooks are $40.  To order WWP Book

A bible is also needed for the program. The recommended Bible is The New American Bible. Bibles are also available for purchase at the parish faith formation office.





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Discovering Our Dignity - Past offering

Discovering our Dignity gives us modern-day advice from women of the Bible.Ancient wisdom, sage advice, sorrowful failures and woundedness. In Discovering our Dignity, we learn that women of the Old and New Testament were sometimes as flawed and broken as we can be. Yet, the power of God worked in their lives. Through their stories recorded in Scripture, they reach out to touch our "present" in a tender, honest and loving way – woman to woman.

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