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Religious Education


 2018-2019 Summer Intensive registration will open February 1, 2018 at 9 am

 This program includes Sunday Mass and intergenerational (parent/ child) orientation for families, followed by a two-week intensive for the children, in either July or August, Mon-Fri from 8:30 am-12:30 pm. This program includes attendance at  intergenerational sessions for the families during the academic school year.

Families must be registered active parishioners whose children have been in the Religious Education program for at least one year (with the exception of first graders). However, all families must be registered active ("bona fide") parishioners for 1 year prior to enrolling.


2018 Summer Intensive Religious Education Details

What are the particulars?

Grades available for the Summer Intensive Program: Grades 1-6 (those children entering these grades in September 2018) on a first come, first serve basis. Families must be registered active parishioners whose children have been in the Religious Education program for at least one year (with the exception of first graders). However all families must be registered parishioners for 1 year prior to enrolling.

 Session dates and times: Weekdays from July 9 – 20 OR August 6 – 17 PLUS a Family Orientation.

Each session will include a Family Orientation starting with 12 noon Mass and ending at approximately 2 pm.
Session 1: Sunday, 8 July 12 noon Mass - 2 pm
Session 2: Sunday, 5 August 12 noon Mass - 2 pm
Followed by classes Monday- Friday 8:30 am -12:30 pm.

Mandatory participation

    • Weekly: As Catholic Christians, we are required by the 3rd commandment and the 1st Precept of the Church to participate at Mass on the weekend-- including Liturgy of the Word Dismissal: occurs during Mass on Sat. (exception standard time when it is 5:00PM Sunday) and Sundays 10:00 AM and 12 Noon. Children are dismissed after the Opening Prayer to hear the Word of God on their own level and return before the Liturgy of the Eucharist.
    • Advent Penance and Reconciliation service for entire parish. First Penance and Reconciliation for 2nd grade families. Although 1st graders do not celebrate individual penance, their families can do so at this service.


    •  Lenten Penance and Reconciliation service

Tuition: From Feb 1st at 9 am through March 31st, the reduced tuition rate of $250 a child will be available. From April 1st through May 15th 7:30 pm, the tuition rate of $300 a child will apply.


Program Expectations:  

Each family would be expected to participate in 4 intergenerational events throughout the school year. Including the Advent and/or Lenten Penance and Reconciliation services. More details are outlined on the Intergenerational web-page.

Registration process: NEW for 2018
For your convenience, all registration is online through the My Own Church Portal. Once your registration has been received and capacity is verified an invoice will be sent back for final payment. Payment will be through the On-line Giving Interface, Pay Pal, or a one-time donation through the Parish Website. The process is completed after payments have been applied to Family Invoices.


Additional requirements: Summer intensive participants are expected to attend Mass (of course!), Liturgy of the Word Dismissals and participate in parish events Intergenerational throughout the year.


Summer Program Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Summer program? Why Summer RE? (30min video)
There are many challenges for families participating in the traditional after-school model for religious education. Transportation after school hours for working parents, cancellation of classes in inclement weather, poor attendance due to winter illnesses, sports schedules and homework all make the program less effective. In addition, it is a challenge for administrators to recruit a sufficient number of volunteers to serve as catechists, aides, hall monitors, etc.

How is the Summer program effective?
The summer schedule offers the advantages of good weather and more availability of certified teachers to staff the program. In addition, the children do not have the additional burdens of homework, sports schedules, and health issues. This results in a relaxed atmosphere of total immersion in learning to live their Catholic faith.

Who will be teaching the children?
The staff consists of Catechists who are fully certified by the Diocese of Trenton. Most are also employed as teachers in our Catholic schools.

Four hours is a long time. What will the children by doing all that time?
Upon arrival, the children are introduced to the theme of the day and participate in opening prayer. There are then two lessons, each 45 minutes in length, separated by a snack and break. The rest of the morning consists of a rotation of activities, each of approximately 20 minutes in length. These activities include Scripture skits, music and both indoor and outdoor activities highlighting the practices of our Catholic faith. Parents will receive a complete orientation on the Sunday prior to the two-week program.

Are other parishes offering this model?

Yes! For more than a dozen years, several parishes in the Diocese have adopted this model with great success. Both parents and children find the experience an enrichment of their spiritual lives. In parishes where the program has been launched, the numbers of families choosing this model increases year by year.

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